Hearing of Submissions Committee

The Hearing of Submissions Committee meets as required to discuss submissions relating to the Local Government Act, planning matters, or other publicly exhibited matters. The committee is made up of all Councillors.

All Hearing of Submissions Committee meetings are recorded and live streamed.

 Guidelines - Presentations to the Hearing of Submissions Committee(PDF, 92KB)

Upcoming Hearing of Submissions Committee Meetings

All upcoming Hearing of Submissions Committee meetings will be advertised here prior to the meeting.

Council advises that all Hearing of Submissions Committee meetings are to be held virtually via Zoom.

The agenda will be made available on Council's website www.surfcoast.vic.gov.au prior to the meeting. Live streaming will be accessible on the website at the time of the meeting and the recording will be posted after the meeting.

Hearing of Submissions Committee Agenda and Minutes

Minutes 4 August 2020(PDF, 516KB)

Minutes 7 July 2020 (PDF, 520KB)

Minutes 16 June 2020(PDF, 510KB)

Minutes 9 June 2020(PDF, 516KB)

Minutes 2 June 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Minutes 10 March 2020(PDF, 745KB)

Minutes 18 February 2020(PDF, 711KB)

Minutes 12 November 2019(PDF, 640KB)

Minutes 6 November 2019(PDF, 599KB)

Minutes 3 September 2019(PDF, 625KB)

Minutes 20 August 2019(PDF, 558KB)

Minutes 4 June 2019(PDF, 838KB)

Minutes 7 May 2019(PDF, 633KB)

Minutes 16 April 2019(PDF, 585KB)

Minutes 12 February 2019(PDF, 577KB)

Minutes 13 November 2018(PDF, 808KB)

Minutes 2 October 2018(PDF, 616KB)

Minutes 18 September 2018(PDF, 691KB)

Minutes 3 July 2018(PDF, 684KB)

Minutes 12 June 2018(PDF, 587KB)  

Minutes 5 June 2018(PDF, 589KB)   

Minutes 20 March 2018(PDF, 8MB)  

Minutes 6 March 2018(PDF, 9MB)

Minutes 6 February 2018(PDF, 45MB)  

Minutes 5 December 2017(PDF, 539KB)

Minutes 14 November 2017(PDF, 568KB)

Minutes 17 October 2017(PDF, 562KB)

Minutes 10 October 2017(PDF, 520KB)

Minutes 5 September 2017(PDF, 567KB)

Minutes 1 August 2017(PDF, 11MB)

Minutes 4 July 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Minutes 30 May 2017(PDF, 27MB)

Minutes 9 May 2017(PDF, 519KB)

Minutes 14 March 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Minutes 17 January 2017(PDF, 4MB)