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Previously, our community newsletter Groundswell was sent to all ratepayers with their rates notice. The printing and distribution process meant content had to be finalised weeks in advance. Because we want to provide ratepayers with up-to-date information – particularly with COVID-19 restrictions continuing to change – we have instead included a community update with the recent rates notice.

The community update April 2022(PDF, 385KB)  features the exciting Surf Coast Cultural Centre and how you can play a supporting role, the new Stribling Reserve Community Pavilion which will be an invaluable space in Lorne, inspiring community-led project Getjawil Garden, and the ways in which the newly-refurbished Winchelsea Shire Hall is benefiting the town.

You can view previous versions of Groundswell below. 

Small print

Large print (text only)


Community Information-October 2021(PDF, 4MB)

Community Update - April 2021(PDF, 891KB)(PDF, 891KB) 

People Place Future - January 2021(PDF, 6MB)


Our COVID-19 Recovery October 2020(PDF, 1MB)

Our COVID-19 Recovery July 2020(PDF, 346KB)  

January 2020(PDF, 1MB)


October 2019 (PDF, 771KB)

July 2019(PDF, 5MB)

April 2019(PDF, 782KB)

January 2019(PDF, 897KB)


October 2018(PDF, 3MB)

July 2018(PDF, 641KB)

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January 2018(PDF, 1020KB)


October 2017(PDF, 643KB)

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April 2017(PDF, 1MB)

January 2017(PDF, 975KB)


October 2016(PDF, 1MB)

July 2016(PDF, 1MB)

April 2016(PDF, 964KB)

January 2016(PDF, 1MB)


July 2018 large print(DOCX, 37KB)

April 2018 large print(DOCX, 35KB)

January 2018 large print(DOCX, 43KB)


October 2017 large print(DOCX, 42KB)

July 2017 large print(DOCX, 39KB)

April 2017 large print(DOCX, 45KB)

January 2017 large print(PDF, 230KB)


October 2016 large print(PDF, 293KB)

July 2016 large print(PDF, 221KB)

April 2016 large print(PDF, 95KB)

January 2016 large print(PDF, 94KB)

Please contact us on 5261 0600 if you would like to read an archived edition of the newsletter or need it in another format.