Changes to beach car park, access road closures

Published on 31 March 2020

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Surf Coast Shire Council in collaboration with Parks Victoria, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee and Victoria Police has made changes to beach car park and road closures announced earlier in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importantly, the overarching message remains unchanged: That people who can stay home, must stay home.  However some car park and road changes are to be made to support people to comply with gathering requirements, whilst exercising safely.

Council will reopen beach car parks and roads, but enforce parking regulations, at:

  • Bells Beach main car park
  • Bells Beach Southside car park
  • Surf Beach Road, Torquay
  • Point Impossible Road car park

Motorists will be able to park in designated parking bays only, and parking regulations will be monitored and strictly enforced. Cars must not be double parked or parked along access roads.

The same requirement will be enforced at all beach locations across Surf Coast Shire.

Special arrangements are also being implemented for Point Addis only, where parking will be restricted to within the car park and on only one side of Point Addis Road.

Additionally, Point Addis Road and car park will be closed on anticipated peak demand days. Council will advise if this closure is to occur. These parking restrictions will also be strictly enforced.

“These changes are designed to support the requirements regarding mass gatherings whilst enabling people to safely access the beach for approved exercise activities,” Chief Executive Officer Keith Baillie said. 

Council is aware that a number of municipalities have fully closed beaches, including not allowing access for exercise.

The agencies responsible for beaches on the Surf Coast ask that people stay home if possible, but if exercising on beaches it is essential they observe mass gathering requirements.

If the gathering requirements are not observed it may be necessary to fully close beaches.



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