Expression of Interest to run a market - Aireys Inlet

Published on 31 May 2018


Anderson Roadknight Hall and car park - 6 Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet

Council invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from organisations or individuals with suitable resources to licence a portion of the Anderson Roadknight Hall and car park located at 6 Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet for the operation of a market.

EOI submissions to be received no later than 5pm on Thursday 28 June 2018.


Expression of Interest submission information


Surf Coast Shire Council (Council) invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from organisations or individuals with suitable resources to licence a portion of the Anderson Roadknight Hall and car park located at 6 Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet for operation of a market.

Background information

The Aireys Inlet Market has been in operation for over 10 years and in 2017-18 was held on 14 occasions from October 2017 to June 2018 at 6 Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet. It is run under a commercial licence agreement with Council.

The current licence expires on 30 June 2018 and Council is seeking expressions of interest from potential licensees to run and manage a market at the site.  


The objective of the market is to provide access to quality home grown, handmade, recycled or vintage goods. The market provides an additional community hub for locals and a tourist attraction.

A secondary objective is to provide financial return to the Council and community. A licence fee will be charged based on a market valuation set by an independent valuer, with a minimum fee included to provide certainty of financial return to Council and the community.

EOI submission requirements

Submissions must include:

Non-assessable Requirements


Contact details of organisation representative (phone and email).


Organisation name, ABN and structure (eg. sole proprietor, company, partnership).

Assessable Requirements


Proposed economic and social benefits / return to local community.


Any previous experience in market management or operation (location, dates and summary of operations).
Note: Please include any information about existing resources available for proposed use (eg. professional tents / stalls / equipment for use by stallholders).


Any requirements for materials, resources, infrastructure or services required to be provided by Council.


Proposed hours and dates for market operation during the year.

Note: The site is only available on weekends, with a maximum of 17 markets per year which includes a minimum of 1 market per month and a maximum of 2 markets per month, with the exception of January with a maximum of 4 markets may be held.


Proposed number of stalls and breakdown of stall types / services / goods / produce provided by stalls.

Note: Site area is limited to that shown on the plan at Annexure A. Council will not permit stalls undertaking the resale of commercial goods.A maximum of 50 stalls per market is allowed with at least 90% of stall holders being based in or originating from the G21 region which includes Colac Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliff and Surf Coast.


Information on how market is to be managed in terms of staff, volunteers or community groups.


Confirmation of ability to obtain necessary insurance ($20 million public liability insurance) and necessary planning permits if applicable.


Proposed environmental impact management plan (including waste disposal and rubbish collection).

Sumbissions closing date - 5pm, Thursday 28 June 2018

Proposals addressing the EOI submission requirements as outlined above should be lodged, by electronic mail, in person, by courier, or by post to be received no later than 5pm Thursday 28 June 2018 marked to the attention of the Property and Legal Services Officer.

  • Post: PO Box 350, Torquay VIC 3228
  • In person: Surf Coast Shire Office, 1 Merrijig Drive, Torquay 3228
  • Email:

It is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that correct lodgement occurs.

Where information included in the EOI is unclear, clarification may be sought from the lodging party.

Council is under no obligation to consider any incomplete submission, submission lodged incorrectly, or submission lodged after the closing time.


Prospective licensees must not approach, or request any other person to approach any member of the Council’s staff or a Councillor – individually or collectively to solicit support for their submission or otherwise seek to influence the outcome of the EOI process. Any such conduct will cause the applicant to be disqualified from consideration.

Assessment of EOI submissions

All submissions that are lodged in accordance with the above EOI Submission requirements will be assessed by a panel of Council officers in accordance with the assessment criteria below and a preferred applicant will be recommended to Council.

The Council officers may determine that no submissions satisfy the EOI submission requirements and make a recommendation to Council that there is no preferred applicant.

The panel of Council officers will be made up of representatives from the following departments:

  1. Economic Development and Tourism
  2. Recreation and Open Space Planning
  3. Facilities and Open Spaces Operations.

In initiating and while conducting this EOI process, Council offers no guarantee that Council will, as a result of this process, enter into a licence, contract or agreement with any applicant or a preferred applicant if selected.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess the EOI submissions:


Relative Weighting

Proposed economic and social return / benefit to community


Relevant experience and resources (previous work of this type)


Environmental Management Plan


Requirement for resources provided by Council


Financial viability


All assessment criteria must be addressed in the submission and applicants are encouraged to attach supporting documentation where appropriate.

Determination by Council

Council will determine whether to enter into negotiations for a licence with the preferred applicant (if recommended by the panel of Council officers) at the Council Meeting on 24 July 2018.

Council is not under any obligation to enter a licence or agreement with the preferred applicant or any other applicant.    

All parties who lodged an EOI submission will be advised of the outcome if the preferred applicant is approved by Council or if the Council determines that it will not enter into licence negotiations.

Terms of engagement

The preferred applicant will be required to enter into a mutually acceptable licence with Council, including the following key commercial terms:  

  • Licence Fee: To be determined by independent valuer at market valuation.
  • Term: Three years (with two further terms of renewal of two years).
  • Nominated Commencement Date: 1 September 2018 or by agreement.
  • Permitted Use: Market. No resale of commercial goods.
  • Insurance: $20million public liability insurance.
  • Licence Area: Limited to the area set out in Attachment A.

It is emphasised that throughout the EOI process Council is not entering into a licence, contract, lease or agreement with any applicant until a full licence is negotiated and signed by both parties.


Enquiries related to this EOI process can be directed to the Property and Legal Services Officer via telephone: 5261 0600 or e-mail:

Attachment A - licence area of market

Aireys Inlet market space