Beach time share zones help ensure safe fun for all

Published on 17 December 2021

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Dog time share zones have resumed on Surf Coast beaches with summer underway and holiday visitors on the way.

Busy beach areas in Torquay, Jan Juc, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven and Lorne, as well as Torquay’s Taylor Park have specified hours for walking or running dogs.

  • Until 28 February dogs are not allowed in designated time share zones between 9am and 7pm, except on defined paths and on a leash.
  • Outside these hours, from 7pm to 9am, dogs are allowed in those areas off-leash but must be under effective control, meaning they return to owners immediately on call.

Council Rangers and Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority officers will patrol zones ensuring that dog owners are aware of time share arrangements, and that people pick up after their pets.

“We ask people to take special note of the times and take particular care to observe them to help ensure safe, fun times for everyone,” Surf Coast Shire Council Deputy Mayor Liz Pattison said.

“People should also be aware that nesting of vulnerable hooded plovers overlaps with the busiest times on our beaches.

“We ask dog owners to steer clear of breeding sites like Point Impossible, Moggs Creek and Point Roadknight to help our precious hoodie chicks survive.”

Dogs are prohibited at Point Roadknight, Cosy Corner in Torquay, Aireys Inlet Split Point area, and on Lorne main beach. All owners must carry bags to pick up after their pets.

Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority Chief Executive Officer Jodie Sizer encouraged people to recognise that the Surf Coast’s beaches are for all.

“If you’re out enjoying our beautiful coast, please make sure you do the right thing – this includes observing dog regulations, taking your litter home and staying out of the dunes,” Ms Sizer said.

Dog owners can find maps of the time share zones via, and can look out for signs at locations.

Officers from Council and the Authority will use their Share Our Shores all-terrain buggy on beach patrols during the summer, helping to educate community members on important safety, environmental and local law issues.

Council and the Authority will also monitor public bin volumes and encourage people to be responsible with rubbish and to take it home rather than overfilling or stacking beside bins.


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