Painkalac Creek Flooding Information

Published on 16 June 2022

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Surf Coast Shire Council is responsible for artificially opening the Painkalac Creek estuary to reduce the risk of flooding. Recent La Nina weather patterns have seen an increase of unpredictable storm events and rainfall. It has resulted in increased flooding risk to residential properties, businesses and critical infrastructure near the Painkalac Creek. These issues are expected to worsen as climate change impacts continue to emerge.

Around 50 private properties near Painkalac Creek are at risk of inundation from flooding without intervention, such as artificial (i.e., non-natural) estuary openings. Surf Coast Shire Council has the challenge of balancing the protection of property and infrastructure and the impacts on the environment when deciding whether to open the estuary. The diversity of estuary habitats, land use and land tenure typically requires various agencies to undertake management roles.

For more information on the History and some Facts about the Painkalac view Painkalac Creek: Facts on flooding(PDF, 197KB).

Further detailed information about the creek and its catchment can be found in the Painkalac Creek Environmental Flows study: (Corangamite CMA Knowledge Base (

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