Study identifies new Anglesea Bike Park options

Published on 27 December 2018


Surf Coast Shire Council will continue to work with Alcoa, the Victorian Government and Anglesea Bike Park community to secure the park’s long-term future, following identification of potential new sites. 

The investigation by mountain bike consultants World Trail has identified two sites on Alcoa freehold land, on Camp Road and at Alcoa South, as suitable for bike park development.

The estimated development cost for either site is up to $1.5 million.

Council formally received the findings at its December meeting, as an addendum to the Anglesea Bike Park Local Option Analysis, completed in May.

It also formally acknowledged Alcoa’s offer of an 18-month lease extension on the current bike park, continuing until June 2020, and the company’s confirmation that it is not currently considering selling that land.

Alcoa has advised it needs more time to consider Council’s bike park reports, the Victorian Government’s Anglesea Futures Land Use Framework and Alcoa Freehold Concept Master Plan.

“We know that the existing bike park is dearly loved in the Anglesea community and beyond, so we need to examine all options as we look to the future ,” Anglesea ward councillor Margot Smith said.

Fellow ward councillor Libby Coker said Council was committed to reaching the best long-term outcome.

“We will continue to work with Alcoa, the Victorian Government and Anglesea Bike Park community,” Cr Coker said.

Council engaged World Trail following its July meeting to assess newly identified potential park sites in consultation with the park management committee and Surf Coast Trails Group.

The two sites were not initially identified because they were not on public land.

Council also noted that officers have started developing concepts and a business case for a trails network in the area to complement existing trails in the region, with a report to be presented at a future Council meeting.


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