Surf Coast Shire Council adopts water management plan for Winchelsea

Published on 26 September 2019


At its September 2019 meeting Surf Coast Shire Council adopted the Winchelsea Integrated Water Management Plan.

The plan discusses potential future water management challenges in Winchelsea and identifies water related solutions that would support the broader strategic vision for Winchelsea.

Winchelsea ward Councillor Heather Wellington said the Winchelsea community has a strong connection to the water cycle system.

“One of the defining features of Winchelsea is the Barwon River which flows through the heart of the town. The river was a catalyst for both Indigenous and European settlement to the area and remains one of the region’s greatest natural assets,” she said.

“Integrated water management is a process to discover how the water system can enhance a place, and in Winchelsea’s case, the system includes natural waterways, urban landscapes, water related infrastructure, drinking water and sewerage systems,” she said.

The Winchelsea Integrated Water Management Plan has five portfolios which align with themes outlined in the Growing Winchelsea plan:

  • Enhancing the Barwon River
  • Cooler, country streetscapes
  • Smart stormwater, greener golf
  • Recycled water for greener, healthy spaces
  • Greening, growing Barwon Park


The plan was developed through a series of workshops and targeted consultation with representatives from Council, Barwon Water and DELWP as well as key stakeholders including Growing Winchelsea, Hesse Rural Health, Winchelsea Land and River Care, National Trust/Barwon Park Mansion, Winchelsea Golf Course, Eastern Reserve Committee and Wathaurong Aboriginal Corporation.

A draft version of the plan was subsequently placed on public exhibition for four weeks.

The Winchelsea Integrated Water Management Plan was jointly funded and prepared by Surf Coast Shire Council in collaboration with Barwon Water and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. 


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