Permits, forms and applications

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Planning and Building
Waste services
Children and family




Animal registration(PDF, 89KB)

Cat cage hire form(PDF, 297KB)

Citronella collar hire application(PDF, 271KB)

Domestic animal business registration(PDF, 291KB)

Excess animal application(PDF, 309KB)

Grazing Droving Livestock Application(PDF, 1MB)

Noise nuisance complaint form(PDF, 47KB)

A Frame Application(PDF, 512KB)

Accommodation business registration(PDF, 52KB)

Application to transfer food premises(PDF, 362KB)

Footpath trading application(PDF, 661KB)

Health business registration/transfer(PDF, 52KB)

Open for Inspection(PDF, 557KB)

Valuation objection(commercial/industrial)(PDF, 76KB)

Tourism, directional and commercial signage(PDF, 130KB)



Disabled parking permit(PDF, 83KB)

Municipal rates concession application(PDF, 297KB)

Change of name

Change of mailing address(PDF, 69KB)

Freedom of information application(PDF, 357KB)

Infringement notice objection(PDF, 2MB)

Public question time form(PDF, 114KB)

Rate arrangement application form(PDF, 61KB)

Direct debit request for special charge schemes(PDF, 57KB)

Request for rate payers details(PDF, 72KB)

Request for rate payers details (Vic police use)(PDF, 71KB)

Statutory declaration(PDF, 59KB)

Planning & Building


Asset Protection Permit

Building permit

Building over an Easement(PDF, 219KB)

Building Documents - Request for copy(PDF, 652KB)

Building Variation Consent Form(PDF, 474KB)

Community Infrastructure Levy Payment Form(PDF, 291KB)

Development Infrastructure Levy Payment Form(PDF, 66KB)

Demolition Permit(PDF, 490KB)

Hoarding permit(PDF, 926KB)

Hoarding permit - amend or extend(PDF, 872KB)

Legal Point of Discharge Request(PDF, 238KB)

Planning permit

Property Information Request(PDF, 348KB)

Section 801 Consent and Report Form(PDF, 203KB)

Works within Road Reserves permit

Busking permit(PDF, 383KB)

Community bus hire(PDF, 339KB)

Event application form

Hall hire

Place of Public Entertainment Permit(PDF, 58KB)

Temporary signage(PDF, 238KB)

Temporary/mobile food premises application

Weddings on the beach

Street Stall Application(PDF, 867KB)



Credit application (tip accounts)(PDF, 66KB)

Direct credit application (accounts payable)(PDF, 43KB)

Direct debit application (accounts receivable)(PDF, 133KB)

Statement by supplier(PDF, 100KB)



Direct Debit Request for Rates

Farm Rate Application(PDF, 60KB)

Rate Arrangement Application(PDF, 61KB)

Rate Deferment Application(PDF, 61KB)

Municipal Charge Exemption Application(PDF, 66KB)

Request for Rates History(PDF, 66KB)

Single Farm Enterprise Exemption Application(PDF, 91KB)

Valuation Objection (Residential)(PDF, 86KB)

Valuation Objection (Rural)(PDF, 40KB)

Valuation Objection (Commercial/Industrial)(PDF, 76KB)

Valuation Objection (Australian Valuation Property Classification Code (AVPCC))(PDF, 58KB)

Property Inquiry Application Form(DOCX, 20KB)

Waste Services

Children & Family services

Application for Additional Bin and/ or Upgrade Kerbside Waste Services(PDF, 54KB)

Application for Special Needs Property Kerbside Waste Services(PDF, 53KB)

Rural Garbage Collection Application(PDF, 38KB)

Bin Replacement

Skip Bin on Nature Strip Application(PDF, 119KB)


Family Day Care - Request for care

Immunisation record application

Torquay children services room hire

Torquay occasional care booking form(DOCX, 51KB)

Early Years and Youth Register



Community Bus Booking Form(PDF, 339KB)

Community Bus Use, Access and Annual Registration Form(PDF, 290KB)

Community project proposals

Contractor Details Form(PDF, 117KB)

Immunisation Records Request (Immunised through Surf Coast Shire)(PDF, 55KB)

Nuisance complaints diary(PDF, 47KB)

Pathway strategy request(PDF, 42KB)

Permit to Burn(PDF, 52KB)

Private Works - request for quotation(PDF, 44KB)

Request a tour of the Community & Civic Precinct(PDF, 66KB)

Temporary Residency Permit(PDF, 436KB)

Filming and photography permits

Recreational motor vehicles on private land application(PDF, 124KB)

Request for septic tank plans(PDF, 134KB)

Permit to install or alter septic tank(PDF, 218KB)

Surf Coast Tourism Application Form(PDF, 130KB)

Tourism, directional, commercial signage(PDF, 130KB)