Rates changes


Why the revaluation?

Under state legislation, Council is required to complete general valuations of properties each year, and these valuations help determine your rates. (Up until 2018 valuations were done every two years, so the valuation completed in 2018 is comparing prices from 2016.

Who determines property value?

Council employs independent valuers to do this, and they look at many factors to determine the property value including:

  • real estate sale prices
  • market movements and trends
  • features of the house and the land
  • any improvements to the property.

Changes to rate charges

There has been strong market growth in the last two years resulting in an average increase across all property types in the shire of 19.41%. Some suburbs and townships have experienced increases higher than this average, while some have been lower.

While improved property values are generally good news for owners, Council understands that the impact of rate increases can cause concern.

This helps Council get more money, right?

Not exactly. The increase in Council rates is capped, so the total amount of rates we receive doesn't change based on your property's value. What does change is the portion you pay of the total rates we collect.

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Rate capping explained: rate capping PDF(PDF, 97KB)

 between 2016 and 2018 the total valuation of ratable properties in the shire went up ~$2.8Bil to ~$17Bil, an increase of 19.41%. the makeup of property is 79.95% Residential/lifestyle, 14.62% rural, and 5.43% commercial/industrial.

The average residential valuation increase was 24.24%. Anglesea, Jan Juc and Torquay valuations were higher than the average, while Aireys Inlet, Bellbrae, Deans MArsh, Fairhaven, Lorne, Moriac and Winchelsea were lower.

The average rural valuation increase was 13.19%. Bambra, Deans Marsh and Freshwater Creek were higher than average, while Aireys Inlet, Bellbrae, Buckley, Modewarre and Winchelsea were lower.