Winchelsea shopping area design


We are currently working on draft design guidelines for the commercial areas of Winchelsea. As Winchelsea grows, we need some guidelines to preserve and enrich its village character.

We don’t want to impose more restrictions than necessary, but we do need to have clear design guidelines for the shopping centre and highway to ensure that the vision for Winchelsea is achieved.

Some of the features that will be considered in the preparation of the draft guidelines include:

  • Building heights
  • Colours
  • Materials
  • Landscaping
  • Roof shape and pitch
  • Architectural elements
  • Location of parking
  • Size
  • Set backs

The commercial areas need to be carefully planned to connect the village to the river, respect the valued village feel, be a ‘good neighbour’ to its heritage buildings and spaces, and provide a comfortable and welcoming place for all.

What you've told us so far

  1. You filled in an online survey between 4 December 2018 to 11 January 2019, the data collected will be available shortly.
  2. You attended a traders breakfast on 12 December 2018 at Sweet Thyme cafe, view collated results(PDF, 153KB)  
  3. You attended a community drop-in session on 12 December 2018 at the Globe Theatre, view collated results(PDF, 95KB)
    The breakfast and drop-in session explored our understanding of what the future look and feel of the shopping areas should be.

The next steps

  1. The Draft Guidelines are being prepared and will incorporate the valuable feedback we have received so far. We expect the first draft to be ready for the next round of community consultation by the end of February.
  2. When ready for public exhibition a notice will be put in the Winchelsea Star and all those who attended a community session or completed an online survey will be notified directly.