The Esplanade Road Rehabilitation


Our contractors have started pavement improvement works along The Esplanade, between the Bell Street roundabout and Zeally Bay Road.

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The first stage

  • Initial preparation works are planned to start on Wednesday 31 July, 2019.
  • This first stage of works will include patching sections of the road where the pavement is failing and/or cracking.
  • Pedestrian refuges along The Esplanade will be removed to allow for the asphalt resealing. These will be reinstated at the end of the project.

Traffic management will be in place, with traffic reduced to one lane at times. It is anticipated that all patching works will take approximately three days to complete, weather permitting.

The patches located along The Esplanade are adjacent properties Nos 7, 13, 14, 16, 17, 23, 30, 31, 37, with six patches between Gilbert Street and Zeally Bay Road.

Patching Plans(PDF, 8MB)

The second stage

The second stage of this project will be applying an asphalt overlay to the entire length of road. These works are planned for the end of August.

More information

Why are these works being done?

The road pavement along The Esplanade is aging and is due for renewal. These works are being funded through Council Road Renewal Program. Council’s Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy also identified some road safety improvements in the area.


What section of The Esplanade will be affected?

The whole road will receive an asphalt overlay between the Bell Street roundabout and Zeally Bay Road.

What works will be done first?

The contractor will be doing all the patching first. Patching should take about three days to complete, starting on Wednesday 31 July, 2019. Most patches will only take about 20 minutes each, but there are two deeper patches which may take a little longer. These deeper patches are marked red on the plans and are located out the front of 30 and 31 The Esplanade, and 37 The Esplanade.

The contractor also needs to remove the existing pedestrian refuges in order to complete the asphalt overlay. These will be reinstated at the end of the project.


When will the overlay works happen?

The overlay works will commence about two weeks after the patching has been completed, weather permitting. Exact dates will be posted on Council’s website as soon as we receive advice from the contractor. Residents will also be advised of the timing via a letterbox drop.

Will residents be able to access their property at all times?

There may be a slight delay whilst works are being undertaken immediately outside each property. However, the helpful people who are managing traffic will be able to assist residents to enter and exit their properties.

Will residents still be able to walk along the footpath?

Yes, the footpath will remain open to pedestrians at all times.


Will vehicles be allowed to park on the street during these works?

The contractors will be placing bollards along the parking bays on the street restricting parking within the section they will be working on that day. When the contractor is doing the asphalt overlay works, cars will not be able to park on either side of the street. It would be helpful if residents can park within their property during this time.

If I have any questions who should I contact?

You can contact Callan Young by email, or phone 5261 0600.



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