Anderson Roadknight Reserve upgrades


Anderson Roadknight Reserve is a vibrant space valued by the Aireys Inlet and surrounding community.

A Masterplan was developed with the community in 2017, and a detailed design has now been developed.

View the detailed design(PDF, 2MB)

Not all elements proposed will be funded within the current budget allocation. For further information, see the Proposed Project Works section, below. 

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This detailed design has been developed in conjunction with the Reserve Committee of Management. We welcome your comments on the design before Sunday 24 March.

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The Project Team, including Council staff and members of the Reserve Committee of Management, have prioritised the works to fit within the set budget. It is unlikely that all proposed elements within the detailed design will be completed within the current budget allocation. 

Key priorities are:

Hard Standing Surfaces (for safety, accessibility and functionality)

  • Extended and revitalised forecourt to the entry
  • New paving from the entry to the car park and ramp

Building Works (for safety, accessibility, functionality and shelter)

  • New compliant ramp to deck/hall
  • New all-weather shelter to the north deck

Other design elements are:

Entry Treatment (for improved identification of entry and aesthetics):

  • Feature composite timber panels at entry and boundary to forecourt
  • Relocate the existing sign

Landscaping Works (for improved aesthetics and environmental benefits):

  • New grass area to replace the gravel
  • New trees and planting

Building Works (for functionality and shelter):

  • New all-weather to shelter to south deck


Masterplan revisions 

Following consultation and review, some changes to the original Masterplan are reflected in the detailed design. These are:

  • No new entry – better to highlight the existing one
  • No feature retaining walls – decision to level and grass the area and create more space
  • No bin enclosure – unnecessary cost
  • No tree surrounds – grass will provide seating spaces
  • No rain garden – drainage is adequate for the site and issues to be reduced by new grass areas
  • No exercise equipment – unnecessary cost and unlikely to be well used



Anderson Roadknight Reserve offers both residents and visitors a range of activities and events throughout the year.

In 2017, after consultation with the community, a conceptual masterplan(PDF, 3MB) was created to show some of the potential improvements that could occur in the future.

In June 2018, Council allocated funds to the implementation of the masterplan, and a new project was formed. Council staff have been working closely with members of the reserve Committee of Management to develop a detailed design. The principles of the Masterplan have been the major focus, and there have been some changes to the specific components. The project team have taken a fresh approach to improving the facility, using the Masterplan as a guide and aiming to benefit all users.