Community Amenity Local Law Review


Council is seeking input into a review of the Community Amenity Local Law. 

This Local Law covers a wide range of topics relating to community life, including things like backyard fire pits, nature strip usage and smoking in public spaces. 

View the current Community Amenity Local Law here

Previous community input has indicated the following topics are of particular interest:

  • Use of nature strips
  • Storage of boats, caravans and trailers 
  • Backyard fire pits and pizza ovens
  • Burning off in township areas
  • Recreation vehicles
  • Camping
  • Management of building sites

We welcome your feedback on these, or any other issues relating to the Local Law.

Share your feedback

Feedback is welcome by 15 August.

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The Community Amenity Local Law (2011) was designed to help protect amenity, safety, the environment and public assets throughout the Surf Coast Shire. 

The local law covers many aspects of daily life such as keeping footpaths and walkways clear of clutter, managing the impact of building sites, and ensuring parks and reserves are safe and pleasant.

Council has a legislative obligation to review and update the Community Amenity Local Law every ten years.


How does this local law affect me?

Communities benefit from the protections available under the local law, and should abide by the controls that it contains.

The local law may assist in resolving neighbourhood disputes, or to overcome a cause for local concern, say due to noise, waste, smell or damage to community assets. 

What can happen to those who break the local law?

Council’s authorised officers are able to warn, or issue notices to comply or infringement notices, or to prosecute in the Magistrates Court. The local law sets out applicable fines.

Notices issued by authorised officers will set out the processes to be followed by each party, including rights of appeal. It is very important that any enforcement action and appeals received are managed strictly in accordance with the law.