Positive Ageing Review

Woman with woman in a wheelchair

Latest news

Council is in the process of forming a new Positive Ageing Advisory Committee. This committee will provide input and recommendations into the planning stage of Council strategies, plans and policies which relate to older people. 

For more information visit: 

Positive Ageing Advisory Committee

Community Engagement

Council continues to engage with existing clients and the community throughout the review process.

The Community Engagement Findings and Recommended Option Paper(PDF, 2MB) provides a summary of feedback from workshops and surveys conducted in early 2018.

About the review

Changes to the legislation

The Australian Government is changing the way aged and disability services will be delivered in the future. The government plans to increase consumer choice to ensure services are efficient and cost-effective.

The changes will come into effect by 2020 and will mean Councils won’t automatically be the provider of aged services in their area.

What these changes mean for residents of Surf Coast Shire

Surf Coast Shire Council is investigating how the changes could impact on the services it provides.

One thing Council has already committed to is that we will not leave the community without a much-needed service. Appropriate services must be available. 

Read this Discussion Paper(PDF, 161KB) for an overview of some of the key issues and options being considered.

You can also read the Community Engagement Options Paper(PDF, 2MB) if you want more background information including information about the methodology and detailed findings of this review.