Surf Coast Planning Scheme Amendment C140

Submissions close 5pm Monday 28 February 2022


The Surf Coast Shire Council has prepared Amendment C140 to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme. 

Current Status

The amendment was placed on public exhibition between 27 January and 28 February 2022 and 5 submissions were received. Council resolved to adopt the amendment (with changes) at its meeting on Tuesday 26 April 2022. The amendment has been forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Land affected by the amendment

The land affected by the amendment is:

  • Federal Street, Aireys Inlet (part Surf Coast Walk);
  • Anglesea Borefield Precinct, Anglesea;
  • 22 Deans Marsh-Lorne Road, Deans Marsh;
  • 6-20 Pennyroyal Valley Road, Deans Marsh;
  • 1910 Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road, Deans Marsh;
  • 2005 Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road, Deans Marsh;
  • Part Government Road, Deans Marsh;
  • 4-5 Rip View Close, Jan Juc;
  • 111-115 Strathmore Drive, Jan Juc;
  • 89-91 Sunset Strip, Jan Juc;
  • 10-11 Wattle Court, Jan Juc;
  • CA 2033, Lorne (land adjoining 10 Howard Street, Lorne);
  • 3 Deans Marsh Road, Lorne;
  • 80 Erskine Falls Road, Lorne;
  • 2860 Great Ocean Road, Lorne;
  • 45 Otway Street, Lorne;
  • 3 Waverley Avenue, Lorne;
  • 910 Cape Otway Road, Modewarre;
  • 465 Considines Road, Modewarre;
  • 6 Sutherland Court, Moggs Creek;
  • 35 Bell Street, Torquay;
  • 49-55 Bright Street, Torquay;
  • 10 McFarlane Street, Torquay;
  • 1510 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay;
  • 36 Wadawurrung Way, Torquay;
  • Main Street Service Road, Winchelsea;
  • 44 Main Street, Winchelsea;
  • R1 on PS718344P (road reserve adjoining 2935 Princes Highway, Winchelsea);
  • 2935 Princes Highway, Winchelsea;
  • 50 Witcombe Street, Winchelsea;
  • Land affected by Schedule 1 to the Neighbourhood Character Overlay, Aireys Inlet;
  • Land affected by Schedule 24 to the Design and Development Overlay, Bellbrae;
  • Land affected by Schedule 2 to the Neighbourhood Character Overlay, Lorne;
  • Land affected by Schedule 5 to the Special Use Zone, Torquay.

What the amendment does

The amendment proposes to amend the Surf Coast Planning Scheme to correct minor errors and mapping anomalies. In addition, the amendment proposes to amend the Schedule to Clause 43.01 to allow prohibited uses for HO147: the Former Orchard Bakery & associated Dwelling, Winchelsea.

Amendment Documents

Instructions for viewing amendment documents(PDF, 68KB)

Explanatory Report(PDF, 176KB)
Instruction Sheet(PDF, 108KB)
Clause 15.01 - Built Environment(PDF, 6MB)
Schedule 5 to Clause 37.01 - Special Use Zone(PDF, 354KB)
Schedule to Clause 43.01 - Heritage Overlay(PDF, 360KB)
Schedule 24 to Clause 43.02 - Design and Development Overlay (Bellbrae(PDF, 869KB))
Schedule 1 to Clause 43.05 - Neighbourhood Character Overlay (Aireys Inlet(PDF, 937KB))
Schedule 2 to Clause 43.05 - Neighbourhood Character Overlay (Lorne(PDF, 230KB))
Schedule to Clause 72.04 - Incorporated Documents(PDF, 160KB)

Amendment Maps

Anglesea Borefield Precinct map changes(PDF, 2MB)
Aireys Inlet & Moggs Creek map changes(PDF, 1MB)
Deans Marsh Amendment map changes(PDF, 844KB)
Lorne Amendment map changes(PDF, 2MB)
Torquay Amendment map changes(PDF, 2MB)
Winchelsea Amendment map changes(PDF, 2MB)

Supporting Documents

Surf Coast Heritage Study Stage 2B Statements of Significance (July 2009, revised November 2021)(PDF, 2MB)

You may also view a copy of the proposed planning scheme amendment at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.