Winchelsea Pool Revamp

Feedback closes 31 January 2022


The much-loved Winch Pool - first opened in 1963 - is in need of a revamp after many years of providing summer fun for local families.

The revamped facility must fit within the existing footprint, include components that are appropriate for a local level community aquatic facility, provide a better operational performance and be a space that encourages ongoing community involvement and activation.

Share your views to help us understand what aquatic facilities are needed in Winchelsea into the future.  

Have your say

We want to make sure everyone has a chance to have their say, so we're seeking input from pool users as well as people who don’t use the pool. Please encourage family and friends to share their views too.

We are also seeking expressions of interest for a community reference group - read the Terms of Reference(DOCX, 137KB) here. If you are interested in applying, you can do so via the survey

Feedback and expressions of interest close 31 January 2022. If you have any queries or you’d like a printed survey sent to you, please contact the Recreation Planning Team at, or 5261 0600.

Read more about the project (PDF, 2MB) 


November 2021 - January 2022: engagement process

February 2022: develop option/concept for community comment

March/April 2022: refine and finalise option/concept of future facility.

March 2023: potential for construction works to begin after pool season concludes (NOTE: we’ll be in a better position to determine when works would start once we know the preferred design and components and whether we need to seek external funding or consider staging works over several years).  

What do you mean by ‘revamp’?

  • The facility is old and a new one will be built, however it may not necessarily have the same components. It will be based on what the community needs now and in the future, that can fit within the existing site and available budget.

Is the pool closing?

  • No – the complex will continue to be provided in the future. Any future construction works would aim to be completed in the off-season.

How can the community have a say?

  • A survey will be the primary way for people to have their say as it is easily accessible and the best way to gather a lot of information from many people. However we’ll also be talking to people at the pool, kids at the school and organisations and individuals on a reference group.

What input do you want from the community?

  • We’re keen to find out about how the current facility meets your needs, how it doesn’t, what could be better for the future and what you’d love to see. We’ll also be keen to find out about who visits the pool now including when they come and for how long, why they come, popular hours, ages and backgrounds of users.

How do I get more involved than just filling out a survey?

  • We’ll be asking for interested people to express an interest to join a reference group. This group will have the opportunity to review survey data and help us with our recommendations to support future community needs. You can express your interest in getting involved in this reference group when completing the survey.

Once you have community input, what’s next?

  • A report will be presented to Council on the options for the facility into the future, and to determine what components are prioritised through the Asset Renewal Program.

When would works start?

  • With the engagement process, then reporting and decisions, construction won’t be able to start and finish prior to the 2022/23 pool season. We’ll be in a better position to determine when works would start once we know the preferred design and components and whether they can all be covered by the renewal program, whether we need to seek external funding for some, and/or whether we need to stage works over several years. 

What happens to the pool between now and then?

  • As we’ve said, the pool is old. During the last pool season it had to close due to essential repairs. We’ll do our best to have it operational right through this pool season, and may also need the same approach during the 2022/23 season. However with ageing infrastructure and equipment, it’s possible that there’ll be times when repairs are needed and the pool may have to close temporarily until it’s ready.

How much does the pool cost to run each year?

  • The facility has been provided to the community at an average cost of $131,000 per year for the past 5 years. Visits have averaged 7,150 per year over this time, therefore the average ‘cost per visit’ has been $14.88 per visit. A revamped facility must provide a better operational performance.