Youth Strategy 2022-2025

Submissions have now closed.

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Thanks to everyone who contributed input and feedback during the development of the draft Youth Strategy 2022-2025. Submissions on the draft document(PDF, 7MB) have now closed. 

Once feedback has been analysed, a final Strategy is scheduled to go to Council at the December meeting. 

Youth Census

Council’s engagement approach for the development of this Strategy has focused on results of the 2021 Surf Coast Youth Census, in addition to research and engaging with key stakeholders.

The Surf Coast Youth Census was commissioned in 2021 to support Council in better understanding what matters to young people, including their health and wellbeing, challenges, interests and opportunities, as well as the impacts of COVID-19.

The Youth Census was designed to provide comprehensive research and analysis of young people aged 10 - 25 who live within the Surf Coast Shire. Young people aged 10 and 11 years were included in the Census as they will soon enter the youth age demographic, therefore their opinions are highly valuable for future planning.  Council’s Youth Development Team and consultants ‘Youth Gurus’ worked collaboratively with a team of young people from across the shire to co-design a questionnaire and roll-out process that were both accessible and youth friendly.

A total of 1,084 young people from across the shire, from three age cohorts; 10 - 14years, 15 - 19 years and 20 – 25 years completed the questionnaire component of the Census in late 2021. This participation equates to 21% of our youth population in the shire at the time of the Census taking place.