Beach and all-terrain wheelchairs

There are a number of beach and all-terrain wheelchairs available in the Surf Coast Shire, so that everyone can enjoy our beaches and trails.

You can book these wheelchairs for free, but please book ahead due to popularity.

Sandcruiser wheelchair


The Sandcruiser has large balloon-like tyres which make for easy access on soft sand and in shallow water and is ideal for people who have limited mobility.

For further information about the Sandcruiser Beach wheelchair visit

Booking information

  • Hire of the Sandcruiser wheelchair is free
  • The wheelchair is available from Go Ride A Wave 1/15 Bell St, Torquay
  • Bookings are essential - call Go Ride A Wave on 1300 132 441 or book online now
  • Prior to use you must read the safety procedures and sign a Loan Agreement and Indemnity Agreement
  • Users will require at least one support person to push the chair
  • Bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance
  • Covid19 availability: Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the chair is currently only available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 9am to 5pm.

TrailRider all-terrain wheelchair


This all-terrain wheelchair allows users to get out in the great outdoors and explore some of the Surf Coast's most stunning parks and reserves. The one-wheeled chair is a cross between a wheelbarrow and a sedan chair. The wheel supports the rider's weight while the handles at the front and the back allow two, three or four helpers (or sherpas) to guide the rider up and down tracks.

Booking information

The chair can be booked for free! 

Please note: the level of access the TrailRider can achieve in parks & reserves is determined by the number, strength and level of fitness of people operating the chair.

 The TrailRider requires a minimum of two reasonably fit people (one at each end of the chair) to enable a passenger to travel in the chair.  It is recommended that four people, plus the passenger, operate the TrailRider on more testing terrain.

Conditions of use and booking form(PDF, 106KB)

TrailRider wheelchair return form - please fill in this form upon return on the Trailrider wheelchair