Beef & Sheep Demonstration Program: Expressions of Interest now open

Published on 22 January 2019

Cattle eating hay

Is there a technology, innovation or research finding that you’re itching to test on farm? This could be your opportunity.

Agriculture Victoria are currently inviting expressions of interest from Victorian sheep and beef producer groups to design and conduct their own on-farm demonstrations.

Successful bids will be offered funding under either of the following arrangements:

  • Enhanced Producer Demonstration Site Project – a collaborative funding arrangement between Agriculture Victoria and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). Support is offered in the form of an Agriculture Victoria staff member and a budget for operating expenses of up to $8,000 per annum. Five of these demonstrations were recently established and there are opportunities to establish two more.
  • Producer Co-Invested Demonstrations – supported by Agriculture Victoria only, where no additional operating expenses are required from outside the group. Support is offered in the form of an Agriculture Victoria staff member. There are opportunities for two new demonstrations under this arrangement.

If successful: 

If your sheep and beef producer group is successful, Agriculture Victoria will support your group to develop a project plan. The plan must meet the following criteria:

  1. Technically sound
  2. Sound animal welfare and environmental practices
  3. Freedom from any conflicts of interest
  4. Project alignment with Agriculture Victoria/SAMRC priority areas
  5. Potential impact of project within group (group size & characteristics and how the project will support change within the group membership)
  6. Potential impact of project within industry (relative importance of issue and how the project will support change within the wider industry)
  7. Rigor of demonstration design (including monitoring and evaluation incorporating “before” and “after” analysis of relevant production, economic and environmental measures)
  8. Demonstrated support from group and industry 
  9. Nominated activities to promote awareness of the project and engagement of producers within and outside of the core group

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by Wednesday 20th February 2019.

For further information or to access an expression of interest form, please visit the Agriculture Victoria website:

Or contact Bindi Hunter, Acting Project Leader: