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Published on 01 March 2019


Council is conducting an annual local business barometer survey to track the trends of business performance. We need your help to measure business activity and trade through the year and during the peak summer period.

This survey will assist to measure the business optimism or pessimism for the coming year and help create township profiles in the Surf Coast. The Survey is designed to capture data both 12 months and the peak (summer) period.

Take the Business Barometer survey

Importantly, it also allows businesses to identify the challenges to doing business in the Surf Coast. This can influence the training and activities Council or the Trader Groups provide in future. For example, the 2018 survey showed:

  • Only 30% of goods and services are purchased within the Surf Coast Shire but 80% of businesses said a local business database would help them to spend local. 
    • So, we set up SurfCoast.Localised, an online business-to-business directory that also lists local business workshops & events
  •  The top 3 digital products used were 31% website, 24% Facebook, 9% Instagram and 65% of businesses generate sales on the internet.
    •  So, we focused on providing local business workshops based on these topics. 

The Survey link is below and has only 22 questions. It will take less than 8 minutes to complete. The final results will be summarised and shared to all businesses. 

As a thank-you, we are giving you an opportunity to win a $250 Livewire Park Pass. 

Take the Business Barometer survey


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