Businesses serving food in BYO containers


Do you have customers asking to use their own cups and containers when they purchase takeaway food or drinks from your business?

There are no regulations that prohibit this

  • Victoria’s food safety regulations do not prohibit a food business from serving food or drink in a container provided by a customer.
  • If choosing to accept customer’s containers, it is reasonable for a business to assess the cleanliness and condition of the container before putting food in it. You may consider the quality of the container and the likelihood of it tainting or compromising the chemical/ bacterial quality of the food you are supplying.
  • If a registered food premises chooses not accept customers’ containers it is a business decision, not a requirement of legislation.

How to let customers know your business accepts BYO cups and containers

If you want to do more than word of mouth or information at your shop, you can choose to register your business on a website such as Trashless Takeaway or Responsible Cafes.

How to move away from disposable coffee cups

Green Caffeen, HuskeeCup and One Good Cup provide ‘swap and go’ reusable cup systems that are currently being used by cafes in Surf Coast Shire. You might like to contact them to find out more.

More information

If you still have questions, contact our Environmental Health Officers on 5261 0600 or