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Hey there, I'm Dean, and thanks for stopping by!

I help business owners attract, convert and keep high-paying customers with Digital Marketing.

Here's what I specialise in:

  • Marketing Messaging + Positioning
  • Irresistible Offer Creation
  • Online Marketing Strategy + Execution
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Google Ads Advertising
  • Direct-Response Advertising (and Copywriting)
  • and pretty much anything that helps a business get more customers - fast!

In 2018, I founded Owendenny, a direct-response advertising agency. And since we opened our doors, we've helped the smallest business's turn into household names and helped 100's of great people along the way.

Beyond Owendenny, I love giving back to the business community. I'm so passionate about sharing the life-altering power of direct-response advertising with everyone I touch.

To help your business reach the next level, I've created 5 unique offers all designed to help you find, convert and keep high-paying customers - forever.

1. I'll Help You Develop Your Irresistible Offer That Will Get High-Paying Customers In The Door - FAST

By evaluating your business, we'll create an offer that'll flood your business with new customers.

We'll name it, package it, and figure out how we'll make getting customers profitable - forever!

2. I'll Set Up Everything You Need To Track Your Marketing Performance Online

Get transparency over your online marketing performance with Google Analytics and Remarketing tags.

You will be able to track your online inquiries , where your phone calls are coming from (online), and what marketing efforts are working best.

3. I'll Help You Develop A Pandemic-Proof Lead Generation Strategy That Works (And Show You How To Do It)

Generating great leads - like cash flow - are oxygen for your business.

Together, we'll create a lead generation strategy to attract new customers without feeling "sales-y" or "pushy" and create a sales process that works.

4. I'll Review, Edit, And Polish Your Next Promotions And Increase Their 'Customer Getting' Power

By reviewing and editing up to 3 website pages, ads or posts, your assets will convert browsers into buyers.

I'll also give you feedback and coaching to help you create ads that convert too.

5. I'll Audit Your Business's Online Footprint And Help You Develop A Roadmap To Speed Up Your Growth

Here, I'll put everything your business does online under the marketing microscope. This includes your website, socials, and  campaigns to see what's working well (and where there's room for improvement).

You'll receive an in-depth report with action steps you can put in place to increase online leads and sales.

0408 085 282

IG: @digitalmarketinggangster