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Surf Coast Marketing

Judith Ortmann

I am the founder and business owner of Surf Coast Marketing with a reputation for delivering outstanding results for clients each and every time.

I bring a wealth of brand and marketing experience to the table to help create great strategies, ensuring marketing tools are both functional and fabulous. Equally comfortable working at a grass roots level of a project as part of a team, as being the strategic and leading creative force executing marketing and community engagement plans.
I am passionate about finding a business’ key point of difference and developing strong, engaging marketing and PR campaigns that connect with audiences on an emotional level.

Judith can offer you 5 hours of assistance under this program

Discuss your needs under any or all of the following categories and tailor the assistance your business needs.

  • e-Newsletters - New e-newsletter system & template setup - Existing e-newsletter revamp - Content & scheduling help
  • Social Media Marketing - Content planning and scheduling help
  • Website Maintenance - Content assistance, i.e. uploading blog content, updating images or page copy
  • Public Relations - Media release preparation and media relations - Advertising and campaign strategy
  • Event Marketing - Market research, communication strategy and promotional support - Follow-up activities



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