Tim Marriage Photography

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I’ve been professionally creating still images for over a decade for clients of all shapes and sizes. I am happiest when working with people wanting to make a positive change in their community in the way that matters most to them. 

As well as helping people make awesome images, I pride myself on being friendly and easy to work with. I love finding out what makes each business tick and help them share that with the world. 

In my free time I love exploring my amazing backyard by bike or on foot, seeking out amazing sandwiches (omg have you tried the Rueben at Lighthouse Tearooms?!!), drinking yummy coffee and beer with friends (with something crispy and fried on the side!) and watching goofy cartoons with my kids (the more heads bonking together, the better!)

I am so stoked to have this opportunity to serve the local business community and help them share their passion with others.  

What Tim can offer you under this program

1 hour photography shoot which can include: 

  • Portraits of owners and key staff
  • Product or food photos
  • Document a customers “journey” with your business
  • Show your customers what goes on “behind the scenes”, the hard work and passion that goes into creating your product/experience



  • 15-20 photos
  • 12 months cloud storage of images

Check out my website at: 

Tel: 0409413569

Email: hello@timothymarriage.com