COVID-19 Recovery Assistance Grants


The COVID-19 Recovery Assistance grants are open to groups, businesses or organisations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to aid recovery and benefit the Surf Coast Shire community.


It is important you speak with a Council Officer responsible for this program before proceeding with your application.


Gretchen Gibson
Business Support Officer
Phone: 5261 0676 or email

Terri Hannan
Community Project Officer
Phone: 5261 0666 or

The grants are available as either business or community grants, where the initiative:

  • is within Surf Coast Shire and will specifically benefit impacted residents, businesses or industry sectors of Surf Coast Shire;
  • may include other municipalities, but must have a dominant and/or distinct component in Surf Coast Shire;
  • is able to demonstrate the initiative addresses a need as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic addressed in the assessment criteria within the COVID-19 Recovery Assistance Grants Guidelines.

To find out about eligibility, please read our COVID-19 Recovery Assistance Grants Guidelines(PDF, 360KB), which outline the program objectives, including the assessment criteria aligned to health and wellbeing priorities and community benefit. The guidelines detail applicant and project proposal eligibility, as well as funding and reporting requirements.

 View Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 103KB) about the grants.

Watch our COVID-19 Recovery Assistance grants information session (above)

Major Rapid Response
Maximum amount No upper limit $5,000
Decision process Council decision Officer decision noted at next Council meeting
Timing Open at all times - applications need to be received a month before the next Council meeting or decision Open at all times

Business Support Assessment Criteria

  1. Benefits heavily impacted sectors in recovery
  2. Provides broad industry support in a recognised area of need
  3. Facilitates broad scale job outcomes during recovery
  4. Stimulates economic expenditure in the Surf Coast (business to business – resident to business)
  5. Markets Surf Coast Shire and stimulates length of stay and visitor expenditure
  6. Assists impacted sectors to transition services caused by COVID- 19 impacts
  7. Creates long term industry sector benefits
  8. Is a regional initiative that has clear benefits for the Surf Coast Shire

Community Support Assessment Criteria

  1. Builds and strengthens community connections
  2. Benefits a broad range of community, with a specific focus on those experiencing disadvantage.
  3. Supports and enhances community leadership.
  4. Improves health and wellbeing of communities paying particular attention to mental health.
  5. Supports creative responses in recovery.

If your need for a grant is not COVID-related, there are still ways to find funding from Council, such as small grants and event grants.

Other information  

Smarty Grants Application Help Guide(PDF, 1MB)

This guide explains the essential steps to complete and submit the application form.