Wipe Out!

black and white drawing of a surfer

Spectacular big screen footage will immerse you in the wipe out experience in different ways: as if you are the surfer going down, under water and back up again. Or, as if you are safely on shore, laughing and marvelling at compilations of surfers getting themselves into all manner of positions on waves of all sizes, from warped little ones to the frighteningly huge at some of the world’s most extreme surf spots.

Learn all the different terms surfers use to describe wipe outs, where the world’s most dangerous spots are, plus the stories behind some seriously nasty surf injuries. Kids can play the life-size WIPE OUT version of snakes and ladders, or put themselves in the picture with the surf scene green screen.

The WIPE OUT exhibition is on at the Australian National Surfing Museum every day. As the Hoodoo Gurus sang…

"Like Wow, Wipe Out!"

77 Beach Road

Ph: 03 5261 4606