Economic Projects, Stats and Strategies

Council's economic development & tourism unit has collated a range of statistics to assist businesses in making strategic decisions about expanding or relocating to Surf Coast Shire.  The most commonly used statistics are available below.  For more detailed information on the economy, contact the economic development & tourism unit on 5261 0600 or

Hinterland Survey

The Surf Coast Shire is developing a rural hinterland strategy to guide key actions for the hinterland area.  An important step in creating the hinterland strategy is the development of a database and hinterland profile as this will enable Council to communicate effectively with land and business owners.

Council is seeking input from land owners and businesses to build a rich profile of rural hinterland activity via an online survey.  

Surf Industry info

A recent study into the surfing industry has revealed it is Surf Coast Shires most significant industry sector.

Council is now working closely with Surfing Victoria to progress a number of actions identified and looks forward to working with business on these initiatives in the near future.

Surf Industry Economic Report 

Economic Statistics

Economic Profile
Council subscribes to REMPlan, an economic modelling tool which features data about workforce characteristics, industry contributions, the role of tourism and gaps in local supply chains.  The Surf Coast Economic Profile is a useful tool for the general public, students, community groups, organisations, business and investors to become more informed about the local economy.

The economic profile can be viewed here -

Economic Snapshot 2016
The Surf Coast Shire Economic Snapshot 2016 provides an overview of key economic, construction, surfing, employment and demographic activity taking place in Surf Coast Shire.  In some cases trends have been benchmarked against other municipalities to highlight Surf Coast Shire's performance.

Visitor Statistics

Visitor Insights 2016
The visitor insights publication provides a range of visitation data including visitor expenditure, numbers, popular activities, profiles and patterns for Surf Coast Shire.  The document provides an overview of total visitation to the Surf Coast and several key destinations including Torquay and Lorne - Anglesea.  Data has been compiled from Tourism Research Australia, national and international visitor surveys and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Demographic and Social

Demographic Profile
Profile ID is an interactive online socio-demographic profile program, which will give you instant access to census data about Surf Coast Shire.  It will:

  • Show how neighbourhood areas have changed over time; and
  • Allow you to identify characteristics such as income, age, travel to work patterns, rent/home owner ratios and others for each neighbourhood area and Surf Coast Shire as a whole.

Population Forecast
Surf Coast Shire's population and household forecasts are designed to inform key stakeholders, investors, business and the general public about how the township and hinterland areas are envisaged to change in the future.

Strategies & Reports

Bells Beach Tour Operator Licences
Council has resolved to undertake a competitive tender process for commercial tour operators wishing to use the Bells Beach Surfing Reserve. The number of licences will be restricted to a maximum of eight (8) for tour operators to bring long vehicles into the reserve (restricted to 22 seats or less).

Long Vehicle Strategy
Council has completed a Long Vehicle Strategy for Surf Coast Shire to promote direction on long term solutions for Council and interested stakeholders to improve the management and accommodation of long vehicles.  The strategy was received and noted by Council at its July 2014 meeting.