Doing Business with Council

Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year.

We aim to:

  • Achieve value for money for ratepayers
  • Conduct activities in a fair and ethical manner
  • Support local business

Depending on the level of expenditure, we are required to use different methods of procurement to ensure legislative compliance. The primary methods of procurement are via a public tender process, or request for quotation.

Council is committed to ensuring high standards of probity and accountability in Council's procurement activities. Please view any of the following documents you feel may help with your understanding of Council’s business opportunities and practices:


Current Tender Opportunities

The Surf Coast Shire Council uses Tenderlink (an e-Tendering system) to manage its tenders online.

Details of current tendering opportunities are available by following this link to the Surf Coast Shire Council Tenderlink website

Council will not accept any hardcopy, emailed or faxed tender submissions.

All tender submissions must be lodged electronically through TenderLink; there is no cost to register and/or access Council’s tenders through the system. It is the sole responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that all required documents are successfully uploaded before the tender closing date and time.

Council will not accept any late tenders.


Recently Awarded Tenders

Contract T18-005 Provision of Road Asphalting Services

Awarded to: Greenhall Asphalt Pty Ltd – Schedule of Rates

Date of Award: 02/10/2017

Contract Term: 2 Years


Contract T18-001 Construction Concrete Footpaths and/or Kerbing

Awarded to: CJ Walters Concreting Pty Ltd AND Geelong Kerbing Pty Ltd – Schedule of Rates

Date of Award: 28/09/2017

Contract Term: 3 Years


Contract T18-002 Roadside Grass Slashing Services

Awarded to: Tanbet Pty Ltd trading as Ararat Auto and Ag Services - $162,674 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 13/09/2017

Contract Term: 2 Years


Contract T17-015 Beach Road & Surf Coast Highway Intersection Signalisation

Awarded to: Enoch Civil Pty Ltd - $ 925,703.25 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 24/08/2017

Contract Term: 4 Months


Contract T17-012 Traffic Management Services

Awarded to: Go Traffic Pty Ltd AND West Traffic Pty Ltd - Schedule of Rates

Date of Award: 27/06/2017

Contract Term: 3 Years


Contract T17-011 Kerbside Garden Organics Receival & Processing Receival (JOINT)

Awarded to: Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd - Schedule of Rates

Date of Award: 27/06/2017

Contract Term: 3 Years+


Contract T17-008 Parks and Open Space Maintenance Services

Awarded to: UDL M Pty Ltd - $ 86,700 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 01/06/2017

Contract Term: 12 Months


Contract 16-669 Anglesea Bowling Club Refurbishment

Awarded to: MKM Constructions Pty Ltd - $ 870,450 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 31/05/2017

Contract Term: 6 Months


Contract 16-688 Litter Bin Collection

Awarded to: Cleanaway Pty Ltd  - Schedule of Rates

Date of Award: 25/05/2017

Contract Term: 3 Years+


Contract T17-009 Civil Works - Forest Road Rehabilitation

Awarded to: Greenhall Asphalt Pty Ltd - $ 315,259.50 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 11/05/2017

Contract Term: 2 Months


Contract 16-703 Supply & Installation of Street Lighting at Grenville Oval

Awarded to: Commlec Services Pty Ltd - $ 115,171 (GST excl)

Date of Award: 17/02/2017

Contract Term: 2 Months