Road updates

15 December 2017 

Cape Otway Road

  • The upgrade of Cape Otway Road between Buckley South/Gherang Roads and Considines Road is nearing practical completion.
  • The ground conditions under the original road were found to be much worse than was expected and wet weather also added to the delays.
  • Works between Considines and Layards Road are not complete as they are yet to reach an acceptable standard.
  • The contractor has been issued a notice to immediately rectify the issues under the contract.
  • A temporary line has been added to the edge of the road to prevent further damage.
  • Until these works are complete, the section will remain under traffic control.
  • We apologise for the delay as we seek to rectify these issues and thank road users for their patience.   
  • The final seal and some minor drainage works will be completed in 2018 because there needs to be some time between the two seals.
  • The upgrade will make the road safer and more suitable for higher traffic volumes.
  • In 2018 we will begin the next phase with an upgrade to Cape Otway Road between Marshmans Outlet and Parishs Lane.

Thanks for your patience. Please keep an eye out for reduced speed limits.

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Please check back for regular updates on upcoming stages of work and traffic management that will be in place.

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