Burning off and the Fire Danger Period

CFA have declared the Fire Danger Period for Surf Coast Shire will begin on Monday 18 December 2017.

When can I burn off?

Burning off is only permitted in the Surf Coast Shire outside the Fire Danger Period (FDP). During the FDP, burning in the open air is totally prohibited without a written permit from the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. In the Surf Coast Shire generally, a permit to burn will only be issued for agricultural purposes.

In the township areas of the Surf Coast Shire, burning off of dried vegetation is permitted only on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY between 10am and 3pm outside the Fire Danger Period. All burn offs on private property must be conducted in accordance with our Burn Off Guidelines.

Township boundary maps have been revised in recent years, to check if your property falls within a township area, see township maps or call Surf Coast Shire Council on 5261 0600. Please note that township boundaries generally extend to include 1-5 acre properties around the towns.

You must register your burn 20 minutes before ignition, phone 1800 668 511

When is the Fire Danger Period?

The CFA declares the Fire Danger Period (FDP) based on local environmental conditions. The FDP is announced on www.cfa.vic.gov.au and is also published on this page. The Fire Danger Period usually runs from November/December until the end of April or early May depending on conditions.

Applying for a Permit to Burn

To burn off during the Fire Danger Period you must have a written permit issued by the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO). This permit is issued under the CFA Act 1958, burning off during the Fire Danger Period without a permit is in breach of the CFA Act Section 37. You could be fined up to $16,900 or go to jail for up to 12 months. For details see the CFA website.

Generally, permits will only be issued for agricultural and primary production purposes and will only be issued if the MFPO is satisfied that burning is necessary and able to be conducted safely.

To apply for a permit to burn, please download and complete the Permit to Burn form and forward to the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer by email - mfpo@surfcoast.vic.gov.au or by post to:

The Municipal Fire Prevention Officer
Surf Coast Shire Council
PO Box 350
Torquay  Vic  3228

Please allow five working days to process the application, and allow inspection the burn site to be carried out.