The governance unit monitors the following:

Corporate governance is a framework of processes and policies for the management of an organisation. Good governance requires that an organisation has structures and processes in place to facilitate and monitor effective management, including mechanisms to ensure compliance with legal obligations and prevent improper behaviour.

Sound principles of governance guide the quality of decision making by Council and its staff.  The Surf Coast Shire Council is committed to promoting sound principles of governance that ensure council processes are transparent, measurable and accountable. Surf Coast is dedicated to implementing and managing processes that meet these requirements.

  • Transparency in decision-making means that observers can follow and understand the decision making process and identify the reasons why a particular decision has been made. 

  • Council is accountable for monitoring performance in the achievement of strategic goals and financial outcomes.  In order to do this, reporting systems must be in place that provide Council with the necessary information to enable it to assess performance.  

  • Governing with accountability requires Councils and councillors to undertake their roles in a way which demonstrates that they understand they are governing on behalf of their community.  

Governance Controls

The Surf Coast Shire has numerous controls in place to provide for good governance and to ensure that its policies and procedures comply with a number of legislative requirements, including those found in the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act). 

As part of the Surf Coast Shire's commitment to the community to engage in good governance, the Council has recently increased its resources and focus by  appointing a Manager whose core functions shall include the monitoring of compliance with the Act.  The manager is assisted by a number of experienced staff including a Co-ordinator and Governance Support Officer.