Speed awareness campaign

7 March 2017

Speed remains one of the major contributors to serious road collisions in Surf Coast Shire said Mayor Cr Brian McKiterick.

“Crash data shows that speed, especially on rural roads, is a major contributor to road accidents resulting in serious injury or death in this region,” said Cr McKiterick.

In 2016 Surf Coast Shire Council adopted a Road Safety Strategy to identify road safety issues and determine priorities for the next five years.

The strategy included a comprehensive analysis of VicRoads crash data between 2010 and 2015, a review of existing research and policies as well as comments received through community engagement.

“Council is working with VicRoads and Victoria Police to raise awareness about speed and to target known blackspot areas,” said Cr McKiterick.

“Council is currently arranging road widening works at Cape Otway Road and Blackgate Road through the Blackspot program funded by Vic Roads and we are working with Victoria Police on a speed awareness and enforcement program.

“Electronic Speed advisory signs will be installed at known high speed locations and key accident blackspots including roads in Moriac, Modewarre and Gnarwarre after which police will be undertaking speed enforcement,” said Cr McKiterick.

“The message is to slow down and drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions. Speed limits represent the maximum safe speed and sometimes it’s necessary to drive at a slower speed depending weather or road conditions,” he said.

Cape Otway Road has been earmarked for a future speed reduction to 80km/h as part of the Surf Coast Shire Road Safety Strategy.