A powerful voice headlines Anglesea leg of renewable energy roadshow

14 June 2017

Alison Marchant knows first-hand that when it comes to sparking change, people power can play a pivotal role. It’s why the Frack Free Moriac head lobbyer will share her story at the Power Up Anglesea event on Wednesday 21 June.

Surf Coast Shire Council’s free and interactive Anglesea Power Up event will feature influential local speakers. This includes Ms Marchant who led a local anti-fracking campaign that proved to be a key voice before the Victorian Government’s announcement to ban onshore unconventional gas exploration and mining.

“The campaign was about protecting our water, agriculture, tourism, communities’ health and environment. It was about people having a say on their future,” Ms Marchant said.

“I love sharing the frack free story, and many people enjoy hearing how we beat the oil and gas companies.”

The 2017 joint Surf Coast Shire Citizen of the Year winner described the frack free story as a “win of people power”.

“It shows that communities have a voice and can drive change. Power Up is also about communities, their energy and their future,” she said.

“I hope our fracking ban story can inspire.”

Power Up is part of the joint Council-community Towards Environmental Leadership program. It aims to help community members access reliable and trustworthy information about renewable energy, what Council is doing and how they can get involved at home.

“The day of fossil fuels is nearly over and communities have a chance to take control of their future,” Ms Marchant said. 

“Domestic gas demand is declining, our new homes are fitted out with efficient appliances and power bills are rising.

“Renewables are clearly better for the environment, while driving down prices. The community can support the development of community-owned power by investing in storage and bulk buying programs.”

Joining Ms Marchant at Power Up Anglesea is local sustainable-building consultant Tim Adams, who will share his story about building a house with zero net emissions and no energy bills.

The local speakers will be followed by independent renewable energy expert Positive Charge, which will explain how attendees can solar power their lives for less. Positive Charge is coordinating a solar bulk-buy program on behalf of Council and will also provide advice about becoming more energy efficient.

Information from Sustainability Victoria, the Renewable Energy Task Force and other local sustainable energy groups and businesses will also be available. Surf Coast Shire Youth Award winner Momoko Rose will entertain with live music, while free soup will be served.

Power Up will be held from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 21 June at Anglesea Memorial Hall in McMillan Street. More information is available at www.surfcoast.vic.gov.au/powerup or by calling 5261 0600.

A further Power Up session is scheduled for Winchelsea on Thursday 13 July at Eastern Reserve. More details will be posted on Council’s website when confirmed.