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Renewable Energy Task Force

Information about the 25% by 2020 Task Force to help achieve the State Government’s renewable energy target in Surf Coast Shire.

Cultural & Heritage Places

Cultural & Heritage Places

Environment and Rural Advisory Panel

Information on the new Environment and Rural Advisory Panel, including the expression of interest process.

Environment Publications

Climate Change Strategy, Enviromental Management Strategy, Rural & Urban Indigenous Planting Guides, Indigenous Plants guide by their common and botanical names, our Weeds booklet - Environmental Weeds booklet, Soil Zones Maps, Environment Directory, Landscaping Your Surf Coast Garden for Bushfire, Roadside weed and rabbit control plan 2015-2017

Local Wildlife

Native animals of the Surf Coast Shire, Injured wildlife, Problems with wildlife

Local Plants

Biodiversity, indigenous landscaping guide, Flora & Fauna Action Group, Shire's Roadside vegetation management, collection of firewood

Nature Reserves Features and Facilities

Location and features of nature reserves around the Surf Coast

Pest Animals

Information on eradicating rabbits, foxes and other pest animals.

Towards Environmental Leadership

Renewable Energy, Plastic Wise Program, Local Food, Organic Waste
Sustainable Seafood

Weeds of the Surf Coast Shire

How to identify and eradicate weeds, the Shire’s action plan, and Council's booklet, Weeds of the Surf Coast Shire.