Bells Beach Hinterland Review

Council wants to improve the planning scheme controls around Bells Beach. A report reviewing the local policy, zoning and overlays that apply to the Bells Beach Hinterland is being prepared and is expected to be presented to Council in April 2017. If Council agrees, we will seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to proceed with a planning scheme amendment. 

How can you contribute?

If Council agrees, the amendment will be put on public exhibition in June/July and people can provide written submissions on the changes proposed. If you would like to discuss the amendment before the public exhibition period, please phone 5261 0697 or email   

Want more information on Bells Beach?

Council developed the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve Coastal Management Plan (pdf) in 2015. The plan was developed with community and stakeholder consultation. It recognises the important role the rural hinterland plays in providing an open and undeveloped backdrop to the iconic reserve.

bells map.JPG