Pest Animals

Invasive animals threaten parks, forests, waterways, biodiversity and land asset values. They can cause a range of serious environmental, economic, social or health issues.

Invasive animals are non-native (introduced) species that are, or have the potential to become, established in the wild through escape from captivity and domestication, deliberate or accidental release and accidental or illegal importation.

Examples of high risk invasive animals known to be established in Victoria include rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, feral goats, and feral pigs. These species cannot be eradicated from the state.

On private land, pest animals (ranging from insects such as skip jack ants, scorpions, caterpillars, spiders and termites to larger animals such as foxes, snakes and rabbits) are the responsibility of the landowner. The landowner can either treat the problem themselves or use the Yellow Pages to find a professional contractor to undertake the work for them.


Foxes and other pest animals


Contractors and suppliers

It is also possible to employ contractors to carry out rabbit control programs. Look up weed and pest control in the Yellow Pages of the local telephone directory.

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