Towards Environmental Leadership

Surf Coast’s first paper-free, interactive, digital program, Towards Environmental Leadership 2016-17 is a joint Council and community initiative, which aims to recognise and build on existing environmental achievements across the shire, and to set future directions.

The next 12 to 18 months sees the program focusing on three themes. Community and Council activities will also continue within other environmental themes and these will also be captured by the Program.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Local and Sustainable Food
  • Land Use and Wildlife

The three themes directly align with the internationally respected One Planet Framework, which underpins the program. The framework will also enable the program’s performance to be benchmarked against international standards.

Surf Coast Shire Council has identified its position in becoming a leader both in the region and country for sustainable and environmental friendly practices. The below links will provide you with some valuable information on how you can do some amazing things for the planet and our community.

Renewable Energy

Plastic Wise Program

Local Food

Organic Waste

Sustainable Seafood

Additional information