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What are environmental weeds?

Environmental weeds are plants that invade native vegetation affecting regeneration and survival of indigenous flora and fauna.

We often have potentially invasive weeds in our gardens which easily, given the right conditions, ‘escape’ into the bush.

An environmental weed in Victoria can be an exotic plant introduced from overseas, an Australian native species from outside Victoria, a Victorian species that has spread outside its pre-European distribution, or in some cases an indigenous plant that has become ‘out of balance’ and has invaded indigenous vegetation communities.

What problems do they cause?

Environmental weeds are considered to be the single greatest threat to native vegetation, they:

  • alter the landscape character of the Australian environment and cause extinction of local plant species
  • reduce the available habitat for our local wildlife species
  • can easily dominate natural vegetation and prevent regeneration of indigenous trees and shrubs
  • increase fuel loads, and make areas more fire prone
  • change water cycles and affect erosion
  • change nutrient levels of the soil


How can I remove them?

There are a few different methods for removing weeds.  You will need to assess the type of weed and growth stage to decide on the most suitable technique.  For a comprehensive guide to the different weeds removal techniques, go to www.weeds.gov.au.

How can I dispose of weeds?

We encourage you to remove any environmental weeds from your garden to stop them from spreading into natural areas.  There are a number of ways to dispose of weeds:

  • Fortnightly Green Waste bin
  • Waste Transfer Station:  Weeds can be dropped off at your local Recovery and Transfer station.  These are located in Anglesea, Lorne, Winchelsea and Deans Marsh.

For more information visit our Waste & Recycling page.

The Surf Coast Shire has produced a booklet called Environmental Weeds: Invaders of our Surf Coast which is available for download on our Environment Publications page along with other useful information such as urban and rural planting guides and soil zone maps.

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