Landscaping Guidelines


Landscaping Your Surf Coast Garden for Bushfire

Surf Coast Shire is one of Victoria's most bushfire prone areas. As a local property owner, you have an important role to play in reducing bushfire risk by the way you design, develop and maintain your property.

The Surf Coast Shire Council has published a booklet, Landscaping Your Surf Coast Garden for Bushfire, which contains principles and actions linking landscaping and reducing the impact of bushfire behaviour through appropriate type, arrangement and location of vegetation.

Fire Prevention

For information on how to prepare for the summer fire season, visit our Getting Fire Ready page.


Anglesea Community House - Fire Ready Garden

The Anglesea Community House Fire Ready Garden is a living example of how the principles and information contained in the Landscaping Your Surf Coast Shire Garden publication can be applied.

Residents are able to visit the garden and see how landscape design can retain existing vegetation, revegetate using local indigenous species and at the same time contribute to the creation and maintenance of defendable space. Features include non-combustible screening, indigenous species located and arranged appropriately, retaining trees, use of different mulches and removal of environmental weeds.

Ideas are intended to be applied to local residential gardens. Information on the garden design and products is detailed in our factsheet.


For information on weeds of the Surf Coast, identification and treatment methods, visit our Weeds of the Surf Coast page.