Apply for a planning permit

Apply for a planning permit via our ePlanning portal:


Using ePlanning will allow us to communicate quickly with you, avoiding delays associated with using the mail system, and in a paperless format. It also allows you to easily view the status of your application, as the statuses are live and updated as we process your

The following guides will assist you to use ePlanning:

How to Lodge Further Information, Revisions, Secondary Consents and Amendments Using ePlanning(PDF, 252KB)

How to Create a User Profile(PDF, 301KB)

Once you've applied for a planning permit, we will send you a letter to confirm we have received it and allocate a planning officer to your application. We will then:

  • assess your application
  • ask for any additional information
  • undertake public notification, if required
  • refer your application to authorities or other Council departments
  • review the application and any objections
  • assess it against the planning scheme
  • make a recommendation, which may or may not have to go to Council

VicSmart applications

Sometimes you can apply under VicSmart, a simple and fast planning permit process for straightforward applications. If you aren't sure if your works qualify for VicSmart, contact Council's planning officers on 5261 0800.