Developer contributions

Development contributions play an important role in delivering essential infrastructure to new and growing communities.

The Development Contributions Plan (DCP) is a way by which Council receives contributions to new development in growth areas towards planned infrastructure. It is a certain and transparent means by which Council can recover some of the costs towards the on-going provision of adequate development and community infrastructure. Money received through the DCP will go towards a varied range of projects such as:

  • Road upgrades and intersection works
  • Pathways
  • Community buildings
  • Libraries
  • Sporting facilities
  • Public open space improvements

The DCP outlines why and how Council will charge new development for financial contribution towards planned infrastructure projects from which that development will benefit. The DCP is incorporated in the Planning Scheme.

In some cases Surf Coast Shire has levied development contributions via a section 173 agreement. Please check your title to see whether this applies to your property.

Torquay Jan Juc development contributions plan

The Torquay Jan Juc Development Contributions Plan(PDF, 2MB) has been applied to new growth areas in Torquay and infill development in existing areas via a Development Plan Overlay Schedule(PDF, 249KB) in the Planning Scheme.

There are two types of levy.

  1. The development infrastructure levy is paid by the developer at the time of subdivision and covers road works, intersection upgrades, shared pathways, major sporting infrastructure and open space improvements.
  2. The community infrastructure levy is paid by the landowner at building permit stage.

Community infrastructure levy

The community infrastructure levy, goes towards works such as meeting spaces, community buildings, kindergartens and library services. The community infrastructure levy is payable by the landowner prior to the issue of a building permit for a dwelling or dwellings on the site. The maximum amount payable is $1,225 per dwelling as of 1 July 2021.

A landowner who intends to build:

  • a single dwelling on a lot affected by the Development Contributions Plan Overlay where the lot was approved after 1 August 2013; or
  • more than one dwelling on any lot affected by the Development Contributions Plan Overlay; or
  • a single dwelling or more than one dwelling on a lot affected by a section 173 agreement

is responsible for payment of the community infrastructure levy prior to the issue of a building permit. 

Please call 5261 0600 or complete the Community Infrastructure Levy Payment Form before you pay to make sure you know the right amount payable.

Map showing charge areas(PDF, 2MB)  

Development infrastructure levy by charge area(PDF, 58KB)

Community infrastructure levy by charge area(PDF, 60KB)