Change a planning permit


Request a time extension

Your planning permit will state the time frames that any development/use must be started and completed. If you need more time you can request an extension by using the following two forms:

Request an extension(PDF, 67KB)
Request an extension template(DOCX, 36KB)

The fee for this request is $312.85.

Request changes to a planning permit application in progress

If you have applied for a planning permit and a decision has not been made you can apply to amend the proposal with the Section 50 or 57A Form Section 50 or 57A Form Request for Amendment to an Application for a Planning Permit(PDF, 66KB) A fee of 40% of the application fee (or if a new application fee is higher, the difference between the two fees) may be payable. Check with your planning officer for more information.

Request an amendment to a planning permit

If your planning permit has already been approved, you may be able to change it or make changes which could impact other properties.

To change the description of what a permit allows or conditions of a permit you'll need to do so under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act:

Amendment to Permit Form(PDF, 574KB)

Secondary consent

However, if you only need to make some small changes that wouldn't be of interest to other property owners, a referral authority, permit conditions or permit triggers, you might be able to do so with the following two forms:

Secondary consent form(PDF, 74KB)
Secondary consent template(DOCX, 36KB)

The fee for this request is $306.70.

If you aren't sure which forms to use, contact our Planning officers on 5261 0600.