Planning checklists, forms, templates and guides

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To help you with the planning process we’ve developed the following checklists, forms and templates. Some are in .docx format and some are in .pdf format, but if you need them in another format please contact us on 5261 0600.




Planning permit application form(PDF, 562KB)

VicSmart planning permit application(PDF, 2MB)

Submit objection to or support for an advertised permit application(PDF, 104KB)

Withdrawal of objection to an advertised planning application(PDF, 56KB)

Amend your planning permit application(PDF, 66KB)

Amend your planning permit(PDF, 574KB)

Request an extension of time

Request secondary consent

Submitting plans to comply with permit conditions(PDF, 143KB)

Request written advice for planning property information(PDF, 129KB)

Request copies of permits and endorsed plans(PDF, 77KB)

Amend or end a Section 173 Agreement(PDF, 62KB)

Certificate of compliance(PDF, 106KB)

Credit card payment authority form(PDF, 81KB)

Statutory Declaration(PDF, 44KB)


Two or more dwellings on a lot(PDF, 58KB)

Advertising signage(PDF, 69KB)

Change of use(PDF, 78KB)

Commercial or industrial development(PDF, 78KB)

Construction or extension of a dwelling(PDF, 58KB)

Dwellings in rural areas(PDF, 58KB)

Licensed premises(PDF, 58KB)

Removal of native vegetation(PDF, 64KB)

Removal or variation of a restriction(PDF, 72KB)

Subdivision(PDF, 64KB)

Breweries, cideries, distilleries, wineries(PDF, 127KB)

Events and functions(PDF, 128KB)

Bushfire Prone Areas(PDF, 83KB)



Clause 54 Assessment template(DOCX, 53KB)

Clause 54 with NCO1 Variations template(DOCX, 57KB)

Clause 54 with NCO2 Variations template(DOCX, 57KB)

Clause 54 with NCO3 Variations template(DOCX, 58KB)

Clause 55 Assessment template(DOCX, 57KB)

Clause 55 with NCO1 Variations template(DOCX, 63KB)

Clause 55 with NCO2 Variations template(DOCX, 64KB)

Clause 55 with NCO3 Variations template(DOCX, 68KB)

Clause 56 Assessment template(DOCX, 56KB)

Extension of time template(DOCX, 36KB)

Response to DDO1 template(DOCX, 35KB)

Response to DDO20 template(DOCX, 36KB)

Response to DDO21 template(DOCX, 36KB)

Response to DDO22 template(DOCX, 36KB)

Secondary Consent template(DOCX, 36KB)



The Subdivision Process(PDF, 81KB)

Nature Strip Maintenance Guidelines(PDF, 189KB)