Bin Service Changes

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From 1 February 2021, all properties that receive our kerbside service will be using a four bin system:

Green-lidded FOGO bin

Bin-FOGO.gif From 1 February, all food scraps will go in this bin along with your garden waste, the same as Anglesea households have done since 2018.

This is called a FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) collection.

Your FOGO bin will be collected weekly in urban areas, and fortnightly in rural areas*.

The two biggest benefits of a FOGO collection are:

  • Food and other organic materials will be turned into a resource – compost – that will be used by farmers.
  • Composting creates much less methane (a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide) than if we dispose of FOGO in landfill.

*If you are a rural resident that receives Council’s kerbside collection service:

  • Your current 240L landfill bin will be changed to a green-lidded FOGO bin for organics.
  • You will receive a 140L red-lidded landfill bin.

Yellow-lidded Recycling bin

Bin-Recycling.gif From 1 February we will no longer accept glass in this bin - you’ll use the new purple lidded kerbside bin instead.

This bin will continue to be collected every fortnight.

Despite removing glass, it will accept the same recyclable material it does now:

  • Plastics numbered 1-5
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Find out more about what can goes in the recycling bin now

Purple-lidded Glass-only bin

Bin-Glass.gif Glass will not be allowed in the recycling bin after the service changes from 1 February and must instead go in this bin.

The glass-only bin will be collected every four weeks.

The type of glass accepted includes:

  • Jars that held food
  • Drink bottles
  • Beauty product jars
  • Medicine/vitamin bottles

We conducted a trial in November 2019 to test the bin size and collection frequency, and to gain feedback from local households.

Benefits to getting the glass out of the yellow recycling bin include:

  • Co-mingled recyclable materials collected in the shire will be free from glass contamination.
  • Council can choose how the glass is reused or recycled, so there will be more transparency and control in managing this stream.
  • Some facilities that recycle materials won’t accept glass as it can be very wearing on sorting equipment. Having our glass separated gives us more options for processing our other recyclables if there are issues with sorting facilities in future, making our service more resilient.

Red-lidded Landfill bin

Bin-Landfill.gif This remains the bin for other general household waste.

This bin will start being collected every fortnight.

While the change in collection frequency can be scary at first, our audits showed that 40% of what goes in this bin now is food waste, and a further 16% is recyclable material.

Putting these in the correct bin will make a fortnightly collection adequate.

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Remember: Continue to use your bins as normal until the service changes on 1 February 2021. Do not put food into your green organics bin before that date, unless you are in Anglesea.