Anglesea Food Organics Collection pilot

Food scraps and garden waste

If you live in Anglesea, all the food scraps (including fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and bones) that you'd usually put into your landfill bin, now go into your kerbside green waste bin along with garden waste. This bin is now called your kerbside organics bin.

In November, a free kitchen caddy was delivered to each home. The caddy contained information and instructions, along with a roll of Council approved compostable caddy liners. 

Please read the quick reference guide(PDF, 1MB) to find out how to use the organics collection service.

See our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the pilot and find tips for managing your household waste, including managing Extra waste and recycling over the summer and the festive season(PDF, 279KB).

What to know about your kerbside collection

  • Bins are still collected on Wednesdays.
  • Your organics bin (including food scraps along with garden clippings) is collected weekly.
  • Your landfill (general waste) bin will be collected fortnightly, alternating with your recycling collection.

Waste collection dates

Collection calendar (Anglesea week one)(PDF, 269KB)

Collection calendar (Anglesea week two)(PDF, 269KB)

Find out which collection you're in (Week 1 or Week 2)(PDF, 2MB)

More information

Quick reference guide(PDF, 1MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Letter to residents and ratepayers - November 2018(PDF, 669KB)

*Thank you to the 780 residents and ratepayers that returned online and paper surveys about the pilot. 
*Congratulations to the survey competition winners of the $50 vouchers for local businesses – P. Wilson, N. Walter and F. Webster

If you have any issues or need help, please contact us.