Holiday rentals


If you are the owner of a holiday home, or if you are an agent who manages properties, please help us make sure visitors to our area know the right way to use the kerbside food organics collection.

  • Make sure the stickers we sent are on the right kerbside bins. (if you don't have them let us know, we might have some extras.)
  • Place the kitchen caddy out on the bench near a food preparation area or near your usual kitchen bin so it's easy to see. Leave the liners nearby for easy access.
  • Put the collection calendar on the fridge so they can see when bins go out and which week it is.
  • Download some other resources to help people use bins correctly during their stay.

You can find answers to some of your other questions on our frequently asked questions page.

We've already been in contact with Anglesea real estate agents about the program, but we are always up for a chat about what works best in your properties and how to manage the challenges of short term residents.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us by phone at 5261 0600 or email at