Rural waste collection

truck on unsealed road

Rural waste collection is an optional service.

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Currently the service includes a 240 litre recycling bin and a 240 litre landfill (general waster) bin. Both are picked up fortnightly.

In 2021, Council is changing the kerbside waste collection service to a four-bin system which will have the following bins:

  • 240 litre recycling bin(collected fortnightly)
  • 240 litre organics (green waste) bin for collecting both food and garden waste (collected fortnightly)
  • 140 litre landfill (general waste) bin(collected fortnightly)
  • 140 litre bin with a purple lid for separating glass (collected every four weeks)

Rural residents can still choose whether you receive Council’s waste collection service or you manage your waste yourself, however when the service starts all residents who use Council’s service will need to separate their waste into those four-bins.