Delivered meals

Woman getting meal

Eligible residents can receive delicious meals delivered to your home to promote independence and well being.  The menu provides a wide range of nutritious meal choices, catering for individual dietary needs and preferences.

Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne and Moriac

Meals delivered to these areas are cooked and supplied by Community Chef.  Community Chef offers an extensive menu based around healthy and diverse meal choices, and you are able to select the meals you like.  Volunteers collect the meals, and deliver them to your door.

Community Chef Heating Instructions(PDF, 183KB)


In the Winchelsea area you can get frozen, chilled or heated meals supplied by the local hospital (Hesse Rural Health.)  Volunteers collect the meals and deliver them to your door.


Before you receive meals, the assessment officer will discuss the following with you:

  • Your dietary needs – Food preferences and individual requirements.
  • Meal courses – A full meal includes 3 courses: soup, main meal, dessert, and fruit juice.  However you can elect to receive 2 courses, and choose either soup or dessert to accompany your main meal. The meals are clearly marked with use by dates, so you can choose when you eat them.
  • Delivery requirements – Volunteers will only leave the meal if someone is present at the time of delivery.  Days of delivery will be discussed and confirmed during the assessment process. You have the option of having a weekly delivery, enabling you to receive your weeks’ meals on the one day.
  • Storage – Frozen or chilled meals must be refrigerated as soon as they are delivered.  You are responsible for the storage and monitoring of usage dates.
  • Heating and serving – You are responsible for heating and serving your meals (instructions will be provided.)


Meals need to be ordered in advance.  We can sometimes do last minute order depending on stock.

Cancelling meals

You will still be charged for meals, if cancelled within 3 weeks of expected delivery


Meals costs are subsidised. Your actual fee will be determined at the time of assessment.

Fees Schedule(PDF, 204KB)


For all enquiries, cancellations and feedback in regard to meals please contact the Surf Coast Shire Council on (03) 5261 0600.