Shire and township maps

Electoral Wards(PDF, 2MB)

New boundary map from 25 October 2020(PDF, 3MB)

Full map of shire(PDF, 1MB)

Road hierarchy(PDF, 1021KB)

Suburb names and boundaries(PDF, 1MB)

Tourism maps

Surf Coast Shire(PDF, 444KB)

Aireys Inlet(PDF, 850KB)

Anglesea(PDF, 728KB)

Lorne(PDF, 943KB)

Torquay(PDF, 881KB)

Winchelsea(PDF, 586KB)

Lorne Walks & Waterfalls(PDF, 461KB)

Surf Coast Walk Map(PDF, 21MB)

Other maps

Surf Coast Shire Dog Regulations Map(PDF, 2MB)

Burning off (township boundary) maps 

Waste maps

Accessibility maps

Parking guide - events at Surf Coast Shire Council offices(PDF, 83KB)

Parking guide - events at Grant Pavillion(PDF, 85KB)